Eastbourne Herald2

After working as a merchandiser within a supermarket for more than 20 years, I made a move to Eastbourne and started to look for a job.

But I found it desperately difficult. It was so frustrating not getting anywhere, and with no responses from employers. It was demoralising. The sense of rejection was crushing.

Then I discovered a charity called People Matter in Gildredge Road. One of their team helped me update my CV and provided me with a covering letter. I then attended some free workshops to help with job searches and applications, and then with interview techniques. They were incredibly useful and made me feel a lot more confident.

And then, again through People Matter, another door opened and I was interviewed by the Eastbourne Chamber of Commerce for a role as membership and events co-ordinator. I was thrilled to be offered the part-time job, which has since become a full-time position. They are a great team and I am so happy there. Six months on and those difficult days seem a long time ago. I just wanted to say a big thank you to People Matter. What they did for me was brilliant. And they are doing if for many other people, too, and without charge. They are a charity that works tirelessly at getting people into work – and increasingly helping people who are already employed to find the new opportunity they are seeking. They did so much to get me back on my feet – and could do the same for others. Thank you People Matter. And thank you Chamber of Commerce.


Extract from the Eastbourne Herald [Friday 23 March 2018]